This is a green all started with two different ideas. One was an idea to produce a green t-shirt. A t-shirt that we intended to be…that’s right, you guessed it. Green! Literally and actually green. A t-shirt that is ethical, eco-friendly and trendy. We were searching for a way to enable people to know more about who produced the t-shirt, where it’s from, the type of energy used and how much carbon was emitted.

The second idea involved a concept of creating an inspiring and positive t-shirt. Using quotations or illustrations that not only motivate us and encourage us to think more deeply about life, but also make us feel really good. We wondered if the quotes that made us feel enthusiastic about life, grateful, and inspired us to make a difference would have the same effect on other people too. We wanted to use quotations that were quirky, clever, and not in your face. Was there a place for the t-shirt that makes you smile and go “hmmm”?

Our goal is to change the way people perceive being green, making it a commonplace. Sometimes people don’t understand climate change and its issues clearly. That’s because the issues aren’t always communicated properly, that’s something we hope to change. We started with the t-shirt, but this is a green is a brand that we hope will extend beyond just that. We hope our ethos becomes a way of life, known for being green, honest and understandable.