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Making a Difference

As small kids our parents always used to tell us that we should help others when we can. Our Mum used to say, “Even from £50, giving 50p to charity is a good start.” So whenever we saved up £50 we would give 50p to charity, it seems so small but as kids reaching £50 was no easy feat. And believe me, 50p would go a long way at the corner shop back then. Our ambitions have gotten bigger since then but it’s something we’ll always remember, trying to make a difference just became a part of who we are.

Our passion is to work closely with young charities and projects in the early stages, when they’re growing. From supporting medical camps in India with our think, believe and imagine t-shirt, to one day organising workshops which foster innovation and creation in our local community.

Arka Foundation

What it’s about?

Arka Foundation helps individuals and communities discover and recognise their positive potential. It creates better living environments for people with the hope that this helps lead them to greater fulfilment.

How do we help?

Our main goal is to help support medical camps for children in India but hope we can contribute to their other campaigns such as the drinking water, tree planting, and school adoption projects. We’re hoping that one day we’ll be able to go to India and get lend them a couple of hands!