Pause Organic T-shirt

In our busy lives we can all forget to take a moment out. We’ve forgotten to be present in the now and be grateful for the things we do have. We hope this t-shirt will remind you and others around you to press that pause button every now and again. To take time to reframe your thoughts, to guide you to make the right choices and to just be in the now!

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Price: £18.00

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Why like this T-shirt?

  • 100% Certified Organic T-shirt
  • Organic Cotton processed and woven in a wind powered and Fairwear Foundation audited factory
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Hand finished and screen printed in UK with phthalate-free ink
  • Delivery in eco-friendly, reusable and bio-degradable packaging
  • 2% of profits go to charity
  • Your very own Mr Cool for your washing machine (coming soon)


Traceability Map – Crop to Top Journey

Please click on the video and the map below, which shows you the journey from crop to top for our organic T-shirts.

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